The Role of Architecture in Real Estate

  • Category : Articles
  • Year : 2018
  • Author : The Pacific

Architecture defines the trend that Real Estate Development shall set. An ideal perspective towards development process would anticipate a perfect equilibrium of the social, economic, cultural, financial & aesthetic context of the development.

However, influential factors such as regional impact, target audience, user requirements, project feasibility and of course, the strong will of the developer play a huge role in diverting the flow of this process towards a particular direction and a rather influenced equilibrium may be observed.

The current Real Estate Trends, specifically, in the developing cities of India and further more in the private residential sector are at that root stage where now they seek a strong diversion from the preset trend of sole FSI exploitation & a peripheral skin of aesthetics.

Architectural interventions shall soon breach the boundaries of the bourgeois class while extending its potentials to the spheres of the common residents. The century shall soon witness an architecture led revolution, to create a just environment, to revolutionize the minds of people to create a better society.

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