Wall of Fame

“The pursuit of happiness of our Elite members gives us the impetus to strive even more.”

High level of Quality

I have had the pleasure to witness the progress of Pacific Family from conception to its maturity. I highly appreciate the novelty of sincerity and hard work that has been put in to bring the Pacific Family to such high level of Quality and Popularity in such a short period of time. I wish them sky high success in the years to come.

Dr. Petkar

Impressions you create endures a lifetime!!!!

Pacific, the Impressions you create endures a lifetime!!!!The style, freshness and design remains contemporary even after a decade. Have been a great fan of your work since last two decades. During execution you may appear a little expensive than others, but slowly over the years experienced and realized why. Your quality, look, style, designs and space utilization leaves a sea of impressions as vast as the Pacific, on the minds of the user as well as the guests!!!  That’s why I come back again and again to Pacific Impressions for more!!!!

Mr. Abhijeet Datta

Interior done in record breaking time

I know Prashant from last 14 years. He has carried out interior of my two houses. He had completed interior of my Mulund house in record breaking time. I wish him and his team all the success in their future endeavors.

Mrs. Nivedita & Mr. Dhananjay Kulkarni

Extremely creative, innovative and individualized

The Pacific is a professional in every sense of the word. Their work is extremely creative, innovative and individualized to reflect each client’s personal style. One of the most refreshing things about their design is the awe-striking appreciation and the further curiosity to know more about the designer, received at every fresh visit of a guest. Pacific ideas, great taste and attention to detail has really turned our house into a warm, well-appointed, functional place to live.

Mr. Chetan Patkar

Attention to the finest

Mr Prashant Dudhe and his team converted our residential space into a two-chair dental clinic in 2011-12. Since the first day of our practice, we are yet to have someone come in and not be pleased with the soothing vibes of the place. In fact, a large number of our patients have actually enquired who the interior designer was! And that just goes to show the skill that Mr Prashant Dudhe brings with him. His attention to details as fine as where the towels should hang to as large as what should be the texture of the veneers is legendary. Thanks to the efforts of his team, we get to go to a workplace whose appearance never tires us off. After all, isn’t that everyone’s dream office?

Drs Anita & Aashutosh Karnik.

More like a family

Mr. Prashant Dudhe is associated with Blue Country Resort since last 20 years. He and his team have been responsible for designing and executing the interiors of the resort. He has been a very hard working person and we have been a witness to his exponential growth. We have long surpassed our client and vendor relationship, he is more like a family and all the jobs assigned to him over the last 20 years are to our satisfaction. Our best wishes to him and his team and hope he continues his journey forward with the same spirit and vigor.

Mr. Jagdish Chandan & Mrs. Divya Chandan