• TYPOLOGY : Community
  • LOCATION : Dombivli
  • CATEGORY : Architecture
  • CREATIVE DIRECTOR : Prashant Dudhe

Nehru Maidan


A Perpatual pride
Dombivli City has gained immense cultural significance since the Maratha Empire. Citizens have preserved the culture and the city as their own personal belonging, resulting in retention of the prestige of spaces such as the Nehru Maidan. Having played a pivotal role in various affairs of the city, Nehru maidan now calls for beautification & enhancement.

Nehru Maidan can evolve from their current, primarily recreational role, into a new role as a catalyst for community development and enhancement, parks will be an essential component in transforming and enriching our cities.  A park and its surrounding area can be not only a place to understand and relate to nature, but it can also be a place for social and cultural exchange. A park can be alive and teeming with entrepreneurial activities such as markets; physical activities such as children playing or people skating, walking or jogging; for cultural activities, such as art and community events; or for simply socializing with friends.

Comfort Zone
Comfort zone promotes social interactive spaces for all age categories. These spaces also encourage art exhibitions and cultural seminars which helps to strengthen the social fabric.

Mehfil House
Circulation Further proceeds to Mehfil House, a multipurpose Amphi thetre which accomodates approximately 200 – 250 spectators oriented in such a manner that each spectator can visually cater to two spaces, the podium as well as the arena. Mehfil house can house performing arts events and seminars without disturbing any activity happening adjacent to it because of its seculated location.

Sport Arena
Unique 200 metre athletic standard track serves as abode for fitness movement in the city & neighborhood, Sports Arena will evoke physical awareness among users while creating a perfect platform for spectator sports.


Dombivali, Mumbai


Prashant Dudhe

Proposed Recreational Park

9985 Sq. Ft.